Debuting some months back at the Geneva Motor Show, FAB Design has now officially launched its widebody kit for the Tesla Model X.

FAB Design Tesla Model X

FAB Design Tesla Model X

Tesla Model Xers who want to go wide or go home... can now get wide for approximately $13,200 for the full FAB Design kit.

Called VIRIUM, the full kit comes with a custom front bumper, fender extensions for both front and rear, side skirts and a rear diffuser. Forged 23" Evotrek wheels wrapped in Michelin rubber are available too.

That $13,200 price doesn't include tax, installation or the painting, so expect to pay a lot more to have the job fully done.

The kit's front bumper and rear diffuser are available separately for approximately $6,750

Oddly, FAB Design doesn't yet offer a widebody kit for the Model S.

More info in the video and attached description below:

From Geneva 2017:

Video description (since removed by user - link):

FAB-Design is presenting a world-premiere in the shape of the VIRIUM based on the Tesla Model X at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017. It is the first electric vehicle to be fitted with an individual program from the FAB-Design factory. Tesla is the undisputed leader in the production of high-performance electric-powered vehicles and thus provides the only correct base with the Model X.

The businesslike appearance of the Tesla Model X was subject of an extremely attractive individualisation. The skillful created unmistakable visual accents distinguish the VIRIUM as a clearly identifiable member of the FAB Design family.

In addition to the optical upgrades, the VIRIUM is fitted with the forged EVOTREK rims in the dimension 11x23, with tires from technology-partner Michelin in the size 315/25-23, which are manufactured in monobloc technology. Thus, the road handling compared to the Tesla Model X was noticeably improved. Driving safety and driving pleasure are now incomparable. The maximum output (245kW/328hp to 568kW/773hp) is always fully accessible by four-phase asynchronous motors by all-wheel drive.

The FAB design customization VIRIUM perfectly complements the sophisticated concept of the Tesla Model X. Optical aspects, functionality and technological maturity form a unique coalescence at VIRIUM. The visually appealing appearance distinguishes the new owner as a taste-conscious customer, who uses an all-day-comfortable, luxurious vehicle that is technically up-to-date.

The usefullness of the VIRIUM is incomparable with its "Falcon-Doors" as a 6-7-seater SUV. The doors make the VIRIUM distinctive, like the Tesla Model X base already. This detail also makes the VIRIUM a FAB family member, beacause wing doors have been a hallmark of FAB design for years. They also make it easy to reach the third row of seats, making traveling a memorable experience. In addition to the silence in the vehicle comes the glazing, which allows a circumspection, more than in any other SUV on the market.

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