Here's a perfect example of when that optional rear-view camera really shows its worth it.

Road-tripping in a small car isn't easy. Packing for camping can be even more difficult, but as you'll witness in this video, the Chevrolet Bolt is up for the task (don't worry the initial VVS - vertical video syndrome is only temporary).

The Bolt, though small in external dimensions, is cavernous inside for its size.  For example, its cargo volume is listed at 16.9 cubic feet, much more than the Model 3, which splits its 14 cubic feet between the trunk and frunk.

If camping is your thing, from the video the Bolt would seem to be a better choice than the Model 3, but how's charging while on the road? That might be another story.  Watch the video to find out.

Video description:

"How easy is it to take a weekend trip of over 500 miles with camping gear? This was a trip from Culver City, CA to Morro Bay, approximately 220 miles north on the Central California coast."

"Wanted to test the capacity of the car for packing camping gear and also find out how easy it would be to charge on the road. Checked charging availability ahead of time with the Plugshare app on my smartphone. Plugshare seems to be very accurate each time I have used it. Combination of level 2 charging and DC fast charge on EVgo."

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