Workhorse Thinking Of W-15 PHEV Truck Consumer Sales

Been wanting one of these PHEV trucks? Time to sign up.

workhorse w-15 power port 2
Workhorse is making it clear that the target customer for its W-15 plug-in hybrid pick up truck is a number-crunching fleet manager.

But, if you're just a cowgirl who likes to roam the ranch without all the pollution of a diesel-powered truck or a cowboy who thinks electric drive is the way to go, all you can do is look and wish. Or maybe not.

Workhorse CEO Steve Burns told InsideEVs the other day that,

"Usually, we don't sell to consumers right out of the gate because they don't say, 'Okay, I'll pay more for this truck with it's initial purchase price, and I'm going to keep it for 10 years and in 10 years with the purchase price, 10 years of fuel, 10 years of maintenance, what's my all-in number?' That's really what fleets look at. Our goal is to be known as the electric truck company that caters to fleets."

But it turn out that the aforementioned cow-people might be able to do math as well. Now, thanks to customer demand, Workhorse has opened up a part of its website to gauge potential demand for non-fleet sales.

The page is simple, and all it says is:

Interested in a consumer version of the W-15?

Due to the popularity of the W-15 we are considering creating a consumer version.

Sign up if you would be interested in ordering a W-15.

We'll contact you when we begin taking deposits.

So, that's suitably unclear what might be happening. At least we know some details about the truck itself: a 460 horsepower machine, it will have an 80-mile all-electric range thanks to a 60 kWh battery. It will get around 75 miles per gallon equivalent and cost $52,500 (full details, more specs and photos from launch here).

The first deliveries are supposed to happen in 2018. If enough people sign up, perhaps individuals will be able to get the keys at that time, and not just people in charge of fleets.




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