Symbio FCell's Renault Kangoo ZE-H2

Symbio FCell's Renault Kangoo ZE-H2

Symbio has unveiled a Nissan e-NV200 retrofitted with hydrogen fuel cell range-extender at FC Expo 2017 in Tokyo. It's Symbio's first project with a Nissan EV, after earlier converting vehicles like the Renault Kangoo Z.E. In the Nissan, 3.8 kg of hydrogen stored at 700 bar and a 15 kW fuel cell stack will enable the vehicles to drive more than 500 km (310 miles) before needing to refuel. The configuration, combined with connectivity, means the fuel cell e-NE200 is well suited for taxi duty, Symbio says.

Green Car Congress reports that sales of the customized e-NV200 will start in September 2018. Besides 24-kWh battery packs, there will also be 36-kWh options available.

Our question is whether these will be Symbio's packs or if the company has unwittingly revealed an upcoming change from 24 to 36 kWh in Nissan's all-electric e-NV200 by Nissan.

"As air quality remains a cause for concern, Symbio has stepped up its own commitment to zero emissions, exploring a new market segment – duty vehicles – to contribute towards a more sustainable environment and a mobility solutions answering to the current market needs. Indeed, taxis have been identified as a major source of air pollution in city centres, and more regulations are applied to limit emissions in urban areas. For a dominant player as Symbio, it was important to tackle this issue.

It is in this context and along with its long-standing partners Michelin and ENGIE, Symbio has the great pleasure to invite Japanese manufacturers and the automotive community to launch the new hybrid electric-hydrogen vehicle at the FC Expo..."

"Based on Japanese OEM platform, the converted e-NV200 is a 700-bar hybrid plug-in–hydrogen vehicle with more than 500 km of range. This vehicle can be refuelled in minutes and is fully connected. This is apparently the best options for taxis to drive daily without any range restrictions and/or polluting air in urban areas.

More information will be given about the mutual French-Japanese collaboration, with Symbio as an expert in fuel cell kit integration and its ambition to grow further as a sustainable business.

After the launch, all guests will be invited to discover the vehicle on Booth E63-42 at East Hall 7, Tokyo Big Sight, where Symbio’s will be exhibiting during this 3 days event. There will be also the opportunity to hear more about Symbio’s suppliers (tanks, high pressure system, power electronics…)."

Source: Symbio via Green Car Congress

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