This month, the BMW Group celebrated the sale of more than 50,000 plug-in vehicles so far in 2017, while at the same time achieving its best July automotive result ever (gassers included) - and the best overall/YTD result after seven months.

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

The total plug-in tally for the month (which is made up by the BMW i and BMW iPerformance brand, as well as the new plug-in hybrid MINI), stood at 8,138 sales, which was up 52.7% year-over-year.

Comparing plug-ins against the overall total of 180,485 BMW & MINI vehicles sold last month, we see a record high 4.5% share for electric vehicles last month.

Which brings the total plug-in sales this year to 50,711 deliveries, up a fairly massive 74.8% so far in 2017, leaving BMW five months to reach its 100,000 goal for the year.

To hit that goal, BMW has to average about ~10,000 sales a month, and while that might seem a daunting is not, as the back end of the always brings much larger numbers.

BMW Group notes that after the first seven months of 2017, it stands as the 3rd largest BEV/PHEV manufacturer, behind the Renault-Nissan-Mitsu Alliance, and Tesla Motors - just ahead of BYD (although we expect that BYD will ultimately pass all three of the OEMs ahead of it, and land in the #1 spot by year's end).

"July saw yet another milestone for the BMW Group’s unmatched range of electrified vehicles: more than 50,000 BMW i, BMW iPerformance and electrified MINI vehicles have been delivered to customers around the world since the start of the year.

The BMW Group now has a total of nine electrified automobiles on the market: sales of these vehicles totaled 50,711 in the first seven months of the year, an increase of 74.8% on the same period last year. This makes the BMW Group the world’s 3rd biggest BEV/PHEV manufacturer. The BMW i3 is the best-selling compact battery-electric vehicle in the Premium Segment worldwide since 2014, with the sales curve showing a clear upward trend."

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