Tesla Semi Rendered By Peisert Design

Tesla Semi Rendered By Peisert Design

A self-driving Tesla semi truck is in the works.

Tesla is heavily engaged in autonomous driving developments for cars. From that it was obvious to us that the technology would be applied to the upcoming Tesla semi truck.

Through an exclusive Reuters report, we received confirmation that Tesla is indeed working on a self-driving semi-truck that will debut in late September.

Tesla is apparently developing both a self-driving mode, as well as a platooning mode. This mode will have at least two trucks moving one after the other in close proximity (the second one automatically follows the first).

The Californian company was exchanging emails with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get approval of tests on public roads for two truck prototypes that will drive in Nevada and California.

"An email exchange in May and June between Tesla and Nevada DMV representatives included an agenda for a June 16 meeting, along with the Nevada Department of Transportation, to discuss testing of two prototype trucks in Nevada, according to the exchange seen by Reuters.

"To insure we are on the same page, our primary goal is the ability to operate our prototype test trucks in a continuous manner across the state line and within the States of Nevada and California in a platooning and/or Autonomous mode without having a person in the vehicle," Tesla regulatory official Nasser Zamani wrote to Nevada DMV official April Sanborn. He made no reference to any dates for potential road tests.

No companies yet have tested self-driving trucks in Nevada without a person in the cab. On July 10, Zamani inquired further to the Nevada DMV about terms for a testing license, an email seen by Reuters shows."

"Nevada officials confirmed the meeting with Tesla had occurred and said that Tesla had not applied for a license so far. They declined to comment further."

We applaud Tesla's self-driving efforts and look forward to seeing the semi in the flesh later this year.

Source: Reuters

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