BMW i8 Dark Knight (Photos: TAKANORI ARIMA)

BMW i8 Dark Knight (Photos: TAKANORI ARIMA)

Called the "Dark Knight Edition," this heavily tweaked BMW i8 pays homage to Batman, more specifically to the "Batman Dark Knight" movie.

Energy Motor Sport out of Japan is responsible for putting together this dark, aggressively styled gem. It makes use of  boyd bits from EVO and features a radical front fascia, as well as a massive rear wing and other exterior design details.

According to BMWBLOG:

"Other upgrades include a new set of wheels, the ENERGY Individual TYPE4 in 21 inches and painted in – you guessed – black. Inside, the EVO i8 features all red leather and a full carbon fiber panel."

A custom exhaust has been fitted too and it's said to give a deep, dark rumble when the 1.5-liter gas engine is at full bore.

As for the exterior color, it's a wrap...literally. There's a combination of matter and gloss purple wraps on this i8 and there's even a bit of brushed purpler film here and there.

The finished result is an i8 that certainly stands out and it's Batman-inspired, so it's a winner in our books.

BMW i8 Dark KNight (Photos: TAKANORI ARIMA)

BMW i8 Dark KNight (Photos: TAKANORI ARIMA)


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