Tesla Autopilot 2.0

Tesla Autopilot 2.0

Tesla owners will soon enjoy a new "smoother" control algorithm coming in the form of an Autopilot update, as well as perpendicular parking, rain-sensing wipers, and a kernel upgrade with a much better web browser.

Once again, Elon Musk took to Twitter to speak to some upcoming updates for Tesla owners. He said that the upcoming Autopilot software update contains a new control algorithm that feels "smooth as silk."

This comes from recent issues mentioned by Tesla drivers, that since the recent Autosteer update, the system feels "rough," as does the Traffic Aware Cruise Control. Musk agreed that the system was safe and functioning properly, but felt unpleasant. Tesla has been working to fix this, and it seems as though Musk has personally tested the working update.

Of course, as soon as Musk shoots out the Tweet, in come the questions. He was asked about the perpendicular parking feature and the rain-sensing wipers. These are two of the last few features needed to bring second-generation Autopilot (Tesla Vision) to full parity with the original Mobileye first-gen system.

Musk responded that these updates should come in June as well.

Finally, another Tweet reply questioned the Linux kernel update. This was supposed to happen awhile back, but never came as promised. Musk didn't give a date on this one, however. He only said "almost done," which could mean anything really, although he did comment that with it comes a new improved web browser.

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