Watch Blue Lightning unleashed on the track

If you've been waiting for word on the Blue Lightning project being showcased by Speed Academy, featuring a Lotus Evora gifted with a Tesla drivetrain and powered by Chevy Volt batteries, you're in luck. This stunning example of electric Frankenspeed recently took to the track, and under the pressure of competition, rolled away with a nice piece of hardware celebrating its first place finish. And, there is video.

Now, if you haven't seen our previous installments already, just do it. We have the beginning, with the car in pieces, partly assembled spinning a dyno, then on the street, and finally, a race track shake down. It's all very glorious in an understated sort of way (because, well, they're Canadian) and well worth your time.

This most recent episode sees our unassuming protagonist, Sasha Anis — the builder and driver of Blue Lightning — entered into a Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) Time Attack contest. Since the car is still street legal, it was admitted into the Superstreet rear-wheel-drive class. Though somewhat softspoken in front of the camera, Mr Anis proves himself a monster behind the wheel and manhandles this beast into submission, nailing apexes and slinging through chicanes with confidence.

So quick was he around the circuit at Shannonville Motorsport Park, he bested the times of all other competitors, save for two piloting race-prepped vehicles in unlimited classes. No wonder too. The Tesla drivetrain makes this Lotus blossom to its full potential. In his voiceover, Anis points out that he's getting 450 wheel horse power coming out of one particular turn.

While it may be a while before we are treated to another installment n this series, we are assured that, when it finally does arrive, it should be very special. We can hardly wait. In the meantime, excuse us while we savor this one a couple more times.

Source: YouTube

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