Entrance to the initial Boring venture concept tunnel in Hawthorne, California at the SpaceX headquarters.

Entrance to the initial Boring venture concept tunnel in Hawthorne, California at the SpaceX headquarters.

We still don't know the details behind Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's recent verbal approval to build a hyperloop from New York to Washington D.C., but we do know that regardless of anything, it's not going to be an easy ride forward.

Many media outlets have been quite skeptical of Musk's Boring Company idea, and the latest social media post stating that he has verbal government approval fueled even more criticism. Musk was unable to explain exactly "who" approved "what", and he has said on numerous occasions that he has no intention to build a hyperloop, but it seems things are changing.

now that he's received

now that he's received "verbal government approval."

An underground tunnel between New York and D.C., with stops at several major cities in between, is a colossal project. Building a hyperloop -- which no one has been able to do successfully thus far -- makes this endeavor even more daunting. We are talking about regulatory approval from different city and state councils, among a myriad of other obvious obstacles that need not be reiterated here.

The video below gives us an idea of what the initial stages of the process might look like. It's a Hawthorne city council meeting, which includes a SpaceX and Boring Company presentation about the future plans. A full transcript of the meeting made its way to Reddit, and you can read it here.

Basically, the proposed two-mile tunnel on SpaceX property in Hawthorne is to be used for research only. This will give The Boring Company an idea of potential risks associated with  such projects, especially in regards to avoiding current utility lines for electricity, water, and gas.

The meeting paints a very real picture of what a substantial project this will be, and even moreso, how the government approval process may play out. Also, keep in mind that the Hawthorne area is very "Tesla-friendly", due to SpaceX, and the fact that it's in California, where Tesla and green-friendly practices are heavily supported. The process will likely prove even more challenging in other parts of the country.

Source: Teslarati, Electrek

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