Despite Tesla's insistence that the Model 3 is on track for launch starting this July, with volume production set for September, there are still some naysayers out there who counter Tesla's claims.

One of those naysayers is David Tamberrino, a Tesla analyst at Goldman Sachs.

According to Tamberrino, Tesla will not launch the Model 3 on time. This belief led Goldman Sachs to downgrade Tesla stock. In his note to clients, Tamberrino wrote:

“Ultimately we see a delayed launch (pushing volume growth out and to the right) and FCF burn rate (necessitating a capital raise before 4Q17) to weigh on TSLA’s shares.”

If the Model 3 is late to launch, Tesla will likely place blame on suppliers for the car. The automaker basically stated this in a few different ways in the past, but still the impact of a late launch will be felt by Tesla and its shareholders will rightly place blame on the automaker for failing to deliver on its promise.

There's still some time though, so let's hope Tesla can prove the remaining naysayers wrong.

via Electrek


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