CCS (Combined Charging System) - single inlet for AC charging and fast DC charging (European version)

CCS (Combined Charging System) - single inlet for AC charging and fast DC charging (European version)

According to the CharIN e.v. (who is conducting an extensive work in the evolution of the CCS standard to higher power levels), Efacec has already installed the first few 350 kW DC fast chargers in Europe.

To date, these stations were all private projects set out late last year but we are now just a couple of month from the debut of its first public charging station, expected in July.

"To serve this new market segment, Efacec is developing a range of high power charging solutions and is already working on several projects, namely with world-renowned brands such as carmakers and charge point network operators.

The very first units with 350 kW were installed in November 2016, and several others are already scheduled for 2017. These first installations are located in private sites, but by July some publicly accessible installations will start, and they will be announced in proper time.

These technological developments of the company on the EV charging infrastructure have reinforced Efacec's worldwide leadership in the sector."

For upcoming, long-range EVs, Efacec intends to offer chargers capable of charging from 350 A and 1000 V (920 V nominal).

"About HV175 / HV350  

At a time when the Electric Mobility in the world is exponentially growing and electric vehicles with batteries with increasing autonomy call for constant innovation and improvement of the EV charging options, Efacec Electric Mobility officially presented its range of High Power chargers for electric vehicles last October in Munich at eCarTec 2016.

The HV175 is a high power charging solution, able to supply up to 920 V nominal and 1000 V maximum at a maximum current of 350 A by combining two HV175 units to an user interface unit with adequate cable and connector to form the HV350.

Connecting more HV175 units to a mechanical connection allows higher currents as can be used by some heavy vehicles.

This HV range complements the range of EV chargers Efacec already presents, covering solutions for private, public, fast and wireless charging."

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