There are a number of possibilities in regards to what it may be and they all involve an alternative powertrain.

Speaking at a conference call about the interim report, BMW’s chairman Harald Krüger announced “a very exciting surprise” will be unveiled at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show scheduled to take place next month. He did not go into any details, but the announcement was made following statements concerning the company’s green push, so chances are the car in question will not have a conventional powertrain, but a plug.

BMW's Future EV Plans, including i8 Roadster, X3 BEV, iNext, and more.

BMW's Future EV Plans, including i8 Roadster, X3 BEV, iNext, and more.

So, what could it be? Well, there are a few plausible scenarios. Firstly, the i8 Roadster has been a long time coming and BMW has already teased the droptop plug-in hybrid sports car. Seeing it at the 2017 IAA in Germany won’t be that much of a surprise though considering it is a known fact the i8 will lose its roof, as hinted by a couple of concepts introduced in recent years.

The rumor mill indicates BMW will unveil the X7 concept with a fuel cell setup developed in collaboration with Toyota. This could very well be the vehicle Harald Krüger was talking about since the first-ever X7 will be out in 2019 and it will likely be previewed by a concept as it has been the case with the X2, also a first for the brand.

The very same rumor mill points out a fully electric 3 Series is en route to Frankfurt. Considering the current version of BMW’s best-selling model is approaching the end of its life cycle, chances are the report is talking about a concept rather than a production model. The showcar could serve as a preview for the next-gen 3 Series and its EV member to take on the recently launched Tesla Model 3.

Harald Krüger was also happy to report people have already lined up to buy the i8 Roadster as the company is taking pre-orders ahead of the model’s 2018 launch. He also spoke briefly about the zero-emission X3 due in 2020, predicting it will turn out to be a “hit with many customers.”

During the same conference call, BMW’s chairman reiterated the plans to launch a three-door electric Mini in 2019. In addition, approximately 40 new and updated models will be introduced between now and the end of 2018. That will include the reborn 8 Series and its M counterpart to make up for lost time as the original model was on the verge of getting an M8 version, but it never did.

Source: BMW

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