Fully Charged's recent expedition to Australia came across the first all-electric AND fully autonomous vehicle in the country - the RAC Intellibus (which by the way is French, as NAVYA was bought by RAC).

Although the episode begins with Sundrop Farm's tomatoes, don't be confused, it's still about EVs.

The RAC Intellibus is a level four, or fully autonomous vehicle, that can transport up to 11 passengers.

Driving speed can hit up to 45 km/h (28 mph), but the average travelling speed works out to 20-25 km/h.

According to the review, the Intellibus is able drive and entire day on single battery charge, and when its 33 kWh battery becomes depleted, Intellibus parks over a wireless charging station to top back up.

Currently RAC Intellibus is undergoing trials in South Perth. We should note that other NAVYA ebuses are also used in Europe, and this year also made an appearance at 2017 CES in Las Vegas.

RAC Intellibus

RAC Intellibus

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Length: 4.80m

Width: 2.05m

Height: 2.60m
Speed Max: 45km/h Average: 20-25km/h
Weight Empty: 1.8t Gross weight: 3t
Capacity Up to 11 seated
Steering 2 x 2 steering wheels
Turning radius <4.5m
Safety features Emergency stop button

SOS intercom Emergency braking Power shortage brake

Battery Wireless Induction Charging LifeP04
Localisation & Obstacle detection GPS with Real Time Kinematic corrections

Stereovision camera Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

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