You never know what you'll see out your window.

Now that the Tesla Model 3 delivery event is over, anticipation can start building for the next big EV that will be revealed: the new Nissan Leaf. We've seen plenty of teasers of the second-gen model of the world's best-selling EV over the last few months, and we know Nissan will show us the whole thing in early September, but we finally have some images of the new, longer-range electric vehicle without any of that pesky camouflage. According to Broom, in Norway, the uncovered Leaf was caught on the streets of Barcelona by an avid Broom reader.

The reader happened to be in a hotel room above what looks like a commercial shoot for the EV. Photographers on the ground were chased away, but the anonymous reader was safely able to shoot from his or her vantage point.

"I took the pictures through the window so they are not so sharp. It was not possible to go out and take better pictures, because those who stood there and taking pictures were chased away," the photographer told Broom.

To see more of images of the new Nissan Leaf, please visit Broom and you can see our earlier – and bigger – spy shots of the camouflaged Leaf here and here.

As for the technical specs of the car – at least, as best as we can tell right now – the new Leaf may have a range of around 165 miles and have a minimalist dashboard. Officially, Nissan has said that the second-gen Leaf will have something called an e-Pedal for heavy regenerative braking power and that it will have a lot of autonomous driving and parking features. After its debut in September, the first Leaf deliveries are scheduled for the U.S. in December.

Source: Broom, Hat tip to Stian J and Olaf T!

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