Tesla plans to announce more details regarding European expansion after Model 3 production is up to speed.

Tesla plans to announce more details regarding European expansion after Model 3 production is up to speed.

While other potential automotive startups (Faraday Future, Lucid) are attempting the monumental task and expense of building brand-new factories, Tesla acquired its Fremont facility secondhand.

This saved the company substantial time and funds, and now the Fremont factory is one of the largest and foremost in the world. Another similar opportunity may be presenting itself for the all-electric automaker, in Sweden.

NEVS 9-3 EV Sedan

NEVS 9-3 EV Sedan

Beijing-based automaker, New Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), is currently occupying Saab's prior plant in Trollhattan, Sweden.

However, the plant is large, and NEVS' production is small. The company is set to build 150,000 electric Saab 9-3 sedans over the next four years (however, the company won't be using the Saab name).

Of course, people in Sweden are tagging the vehicle factory as the perfect home for Tesla. Tesla has made it public that the company intends to pursue a European manufacturing facility, as well as a Gigafactory 2. This plant would be large enough, is barely being used, has a contract that will come to an end soon enough, is stocked with employees familiar with the field (and more specifically electric vehicles), and its location is advantageous.

As we have seen in other instances, people in the area are trying to get Tesla's attention. Fredrik Sidahl, CEO of Swedish automotive supplier FKG, shared:

“I think the possibilities are quite good because Sweden has a well developed infrastructure with suppliers and expertise in building great vehicles with high technical standards.”

It seems that NEVS may actually be supportive of the idea as well. A spokesperson for the company said that Tesla could become a "valuable partner" for production and development:

“It’s part of our strategy to increase the capacity of our plant but we do not comment on the dialogue around this.”

Neither company is willing to divulge any specific details at this point. Tesla's European plans are not immediate, and the company must keep its options open, as many other countries are making similar attempts to attract the electric automaker. Invitations and options have already come from the likes of Finland, Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany, among others.


Source: Teslarati

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