A published brochure for the new Tesla body shop program reveals the first picture of the Tesla Model 3 body-in-white.

When we first started seeing spy shots of actual Tesla Model 3 releaseĀ candidates driving on California roads, it was pretty huge news. Now, at this point, it seems there are new pictures almost daily. The cat's out of the bag now - although, in some aspects, it sort of has been all along - so Tesla is not too careful about making sure that the drivers practice any stealth. Truth is, it's more likely that they want us to see the car.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk showing a Model 3 cutaway at the car's initial reveal event.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk showing a Model 3 cutaway at the car's initial reveal event.

There have been Model 3's in the wild since shortly after the initial reveal. Tesla hasn't gone to any lengths to cover them up or use camouflage, and the automaker seems to "leak" information on a regular basis. Just the other day, anĀ employee document detailing Model 3 verses Model S comparisons made its way to the internet. It was initially seen as "fake" by some, but apparently Tesla has verified its authenticity.

We recently informed you about Tesla's new body shop program, which is moving to online and offsite courses to streamline the training process, and lower costs prior to Tesla Model 3 deliveries.

Now, Tesla has created a brochure outlining the program, and in it we get the first glimpse of the Tesla Model 3 body-in-white (shown above).

Tesla technicians will begin taking Model 3 courses through the new program as soon as July. The automaker is encouraging body shop employees to take other (non Model 3) courses as soon as possible, and even offering incentives if the classes are completed before July 1. This will help to open up schedules to focus on subsequent Model 3 courses.

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Club

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