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Open Tesla Superchargers (source:

Tesla announced earlier this year a goal of doubling its Supercharging network before year's end, as well as a quadrupling of the number of available Destination Chargers.

Tesla Model S/X deliveries are experiencing record highs over recent quarters, and we are just around the corner of Model 3 introduction; so the expansion is badly needed.

Model 3 owners will be required to pay to use Superchargers, thus mitigating some demand...but to an unknown degree, as Tesla has priced getting a boast from one of its stations very inexpensively.

Now we are receiving more and more word that the expansion of Tesla's existing charging infrastructure is underway, as many popular locations are being upgraded from 12 to 18 stalls.

According to the, Tesla has around 858 Superchargers stations with some 5,500 stalls.

  • North America - 389
  • Europe - 299
  • Asia Pacific - 170
The largest stations are equipped with 20 stalls.

Teslarati recently reported several instances of Tesla Supercharging expansion in California (and some of other places):

  • The Culver City Supercharger which serves a critical hub in the greater Los Angeles is seeing its first expansion from 12 stalls to a reported  18 stalls. It’s a busy site frequented by ride sharing services and Model S and Model X drivers that are passing through Los Angeles’ infamous 405 freeway.
  • Another busy Supercharger location at Harris Ranch, California which services weary travelers between Los Angeles and San Francisco is also getting a much needed upgrade from Tesla. Jack Bowers tweeted a photo showing the arrival of a larger PG&E transformer at the site to support the expansion of the 13-stall Supercharger station to 18 charging stalls.
  • Another popular Southern California charging location, the Redondo Beach Supercharger, is also getting an expansion.

source: Teslarati

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