The European Union doesn't intend to follow in China's footsteps by introducing a minimum quota for all-electric or plug-in hybrid car sales...or at least that is what they are saying publicly at this moment.

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Currently in the EU there are only general emission requirements, that are designed to nudge (when testing is applied correctly anyway) manufacturers into selling more environmentally friendly vehicles, or pay penalties for exceeding the average norms.

With that said, in some other countries inside the Union, there are additional requirements for a certain percentage of sales to be zero emission, or low emission.

""Generally speaking, the Commision  is looking into ways to promote use of low carbon energy and transport, but none of them includes quotas for electric cars," the spokeswoman told reporters.

"We do not discriminate between different technologies.""

China is expected to set a 8% base requirement from 2018, while California (and other ZEV states) are promoting plug-ins through ZEV credits, that indirectly require the sale of plug-ins (2% of sales need offset via ZEV credits for 2018, 4% in 2019...up to almost 16% in 2025), or force a manufacturer who falls short to buy credits from those who do sell plug-ins, to buy itself more time for compliance.

The European Union Commission declined quotas and underlined its stance, after the German newspaper Handelsblatt stated that "sources" at the European Commission were looking to set quotas for low emission cars, such as electric cars from 2025.

source: Reuters

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