Musk Tweet On

Musk Tweet On "Something Special"

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to state that he's still working on the "something special" promised for early Model 3 reservation holders.

It was way back in November 2016 when Musk first promised the "something special" to Day 1 Model 3 reservation holders. He made that promise in a Tweet, of course:

Musk Promising Something Special

Musk Promising Something Special

It seems Signature Red is still what's being pushed for by lots of Day 1 reservation holders, but it's not the only "something special" being requested. Some other requests include:

  • Matte Black
  • Free Supercharging
  • Special Wheels
  • Free Autopilot
  • No Charge For Paint Color
  • A Big 'Ol Bash Hosted By Tesla For Day 1 Reservation Holders
and the list goes on...

Let's hope Musk's "something special" is truly special, as some Day 1 reservation holders waited in lines overnight to put down a deposit on a car sight unseen.

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