The Tesla Model 3, or really any object of beauty, shown with simple yet satisfying camera work and video editing is generally sure to impress.

As the Tesla Model 3 is now in production, Tesla isn't doing much to hide it. There is a myriad of videos and pictures of sightings at the factory and elsewhere lately. We've even seen some popping up across the United States.  But sometimes we find pictures or videos that are a step above the rest.

A nice shot of the Tesla Model 3 through the windshield.

A nice shot of the Tesla Model 3 through the windshield.

Although the video is only one minute, you can tell that the person filming had editing has some experience. We may have opted for a different soundtrack, or at least something not so repetitive, but aside from that, kudos to Tava on YouTube for the excellent work. And really, we can listen to anything we want while watching the pretty video.

The video is really only a collection of a handful of exceptional shots, but the filmmaker is able to get a lot of material out of it.

If you have any favorite pics or videos of EVs, which stand out from the standard fare, please share them in the comments section below.

Video Description via Tava on YouTube:

Saw a Tesla Model 3 at the TESLA Factory. Car was an employees, and was sitting right behind the Supercharger.

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