BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW's German scheme to incentivise drivers to trade in their old dirty diesels for new cleaner vehicles is about to make its way across Europe.

BMW's current plan offers money to German drivers of Euro4 and older diesels. The diesels can be from any automaker, not just BMW. If the driver trades up to a BMW vehicle with low emissions, they will enjoy a grant of up to €2000 (~$2350 USD).

Inside the i3

Inside the i3

Buyers are encouraged to trade up to vehicles like the i3. Fully electric and plug-in hybrid models fit well within the constraints of the scheme. New vehicles must be Euro6-compliant models with CO2 outputs below 130g/km.

The United Kingdom could become the next European country to benefit from this new plan. The luxury German automaker is currently assessing the potential success of the plan for the UK, and is set to decide in the next week or so if the country will become the next to see the incentive. Regardless, the BMW intends to release the scheme in several European countries in the near future.

The German brand told Autocar that these type of incentives are often needed to convince drivers to make the switch from ICE cars to more green-friendly vehicles. However, company chairman Harald Krüger believes that diesel will still play a key role in the future of reducing emissions.

BMW recently added a voluntary service, which will update software in some of its diesel models to make them more "clean" by reducing nitrogen oxide output. Krüger told shareholders:

“State-of-the-art diesels will definitely play an important role in future mobility. Modern efficient diesel engines ensure lower CO2 emissions.”

We can't say we are too thrilled about BMW continuing to push a diesel mandate at the same time as it is finding traction with its plug-in offerings, which stood at 4.5% of all sales for the company in June - the highest of any of the traditional global OEMs.

Source: Autocar

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