Apparently, there are nearly one hundred Tesla Model 3s in Ohio, believe it or not.

That's the word from the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club via Twitter.

Remember that Model 3 sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio? The one where the Model 3 was Supercharging in the rain? At the time, we weren't quite sure why a Model 3 was all the way out in Ohio, so far from its Fremont home. We noted that the vehicle was dropped off and picked up from the Supercharger by enclosed trailer, but beyond that, it wasn't clear to us why a 3 was in the Cincinnati area.

Know we know...

According to Tesla Model 3 Owners Club, there's a testing facility in Ohio that's taken on a bunch of Model 3s (nearly one hundred) for durability and crash testing. The facility is in or around East Liberty, Ohio, which is Northwest of Columbus. This location leads us to believe that testing is being conducted by the Transportation Research Center, which is home to the "Largest independent vehicle test facility and proving grounds in the U.S."

On-site testing includes:

  • safety
  • energy
  • fuel economy
  • emissions
  • durability
  • noise
  • crash
  • crash simulation
  • performance
  • and more

Overhead Image Of TRC Testing Facility

Overhead Image Of TRC Testing Facility

Here are some additional details on the testing facility, via Transportation Research center:

What does it take to be the largest independent vehicle testing facility and proving grounds in the U.S.? Hardworking industry experts; a well-developed infrastructure with an extensive variety of road surfaces; on-site development of leading-edge and emerging technologies; 30-plus years of engineering expertise and industry knowledge; a long-time partnership with a major research university; strong global connections and an eye constantly focused on the client’s needs.

It also takes a secure location – operating 24/7 – with approximately 4,500 acres of road courses, wooded trails, a 7.5-mile (12.1 km) High-speed Oval Test Track, 50-acre (20-hectare) Vehicle Dynamics Area, or “black lake,” and the right mix of testing areas and facilities to make the Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC) in East Liberty, Ohio, the best place to test and validate nearly any vehicle imaginable, any time of year.

Nestled in the rolling hills of northwestern Ohio, TRC lies within the heart of the I-75 automotive corridor, less than 40 minutes from Columbus and approximately 2.5 hours from Detroit. This region is known for its continuous growth and future advancement in automotive manufacturing, research and development.

Hot, cold, rainy, overcast or sunny, TRC offers a world of driving conditions, with wet spring weather, hot summers and icy cold, snowy winters. At our proving ground, we conduct programs designed to test for safety, energy, fuel economy, emissions, durability, noise, crash, crash simulation, performance and more. We test a wide range of vehicle types and equipment, including trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, passenger cars and components – and we even test road surfaces. Private workrooms and garage spaces are available for lease on a daily to yearly basis to maximize productivity, convenience and comfort for our customers.

Finding the right solutions for your complex needs

TRC provides research and development, as well as compliance and certification testing, for vehicles and components, crash avoidance and crashworthiness testing, emissions testing, dynamic testing and durability testing. We’re home to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Research and Test Center – the only federal vehicle research and test laboratory.

We’re also closely aligned with The Ohio State University, a world-renowned research university with experts in advanced automotive technology, as well as the city of Columbus, Ohio, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) “Smart City.”

Our partnership with PMG Technologies Inc., manager of Transport Canada’s sole motor vehicle test center, allows TRC to deliver turnkey solutions to both established and OEM start-ups already selling or looking to expand to the North American market – providing vehicle development, verification, validation and certification per FMVSS and CMVSS requirements. The TRC and PMG partnership – a “Compliance Alliance” – is the North American foundation for a planned global alliance of government-owned, or linked, proving grounds around the globe. The future consortium will provide global coverage for automotive testing regardless of an OEM’s country of origin.

Although we are known as a one-stop source for testing, TRC is also a great location for ride-and-drive events and technology demonstrations. Our ultimate goal is to make TRC your company’s full-service proving ground.

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Club on Twitter

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