In just over three years, the number of CCS Combo DC fast chargers in Europe has increased from less than 150, to now more than 3,000 in service (as of mid-May 2017).

Opel Ampera-e

Opel Ampera-e

The growth and locations of the Combo chargers can be noted by the CCS Charge Map.

According to the archives, at a year ago at this time there were about 2,100 chargers installed, which translates to a growth rate of 43% over the past 12 months.

A significant characteristic of CCS Combo locations are that they are also multi-standard chargers, with both CHAdeMO and/or 3-phase AC type 2 along for the ride.

Typical power output is between 20 to 50 kW.

About 90% were confirmed as available 24/7.

For comparison purposes, the number of chargers with CHAdeMO plugs now stands at around 4,052.

Since our last report nothing has changed when it comes to the top five adopting countries, which now make up 69% of all of Europe's installed capacity:

  • UK – 603
  • Germany – 595
  • Norway – 349
  • France – 295
  • Sweden – 238

3,000 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: <a href=CCS Charge Map) – May 2017" draggable="false">

3,000 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: CCS Charge Map) – May 2017

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