The Tesla Model S P100DL Did Not Hit 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds?

The Tesla Model S P100DL Did Not Hit 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds?

For all the math lovers out there, Engineering Explained went back to the drawing board, releasing a new video entitled, "Tesla Did Not Hit 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds?".

The new video was added to show that they had left out a key piece of information related to rollout, when publishing the original video about the Motor Trend's 2.28 second, zero to 60 time for the Tesla Model S P100DL.

According to Motor Trend:

"We subtract a one-foot rollout from the launch to simulate dragstrip performance (dragstrip runs started the whole quarter-mile acceleration craze and remain the only practical way for most owners to test their own cars, so we want our numbers to match those acquired in this way)."

How The Tesla Model S P100DL Hit 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds!

How The Tesla Model S P100DL Hit 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds!

Car and Driver put out a post entitled "The Importance of 'Rollout':The first few inches of a drag strip," which explains "rollout":

"Should the owner of one of these performance meters want to compare its performance against the authoritative equipment used at drag strips, he or she will need to deal with "rollout," which is the distance a vehicle can move before triggering the timing lights."

You can read both the Motor Trend and Car and Driver posts related drag racing and rollout, in their entirety, at the links included at the bottom of this post.

Video Description via Engineering Explained on YouTube: How Tesla Hit 60 MPH In 2.53 Seconds, And How Rollout Works

The Tesla Model S P100D set a new record with a 0-60 time of 2.28 seconds, as tested by Motor Trend. Originally, this seemed impossible based on my theoretical limit of 0-60 mph in 2.32 seconds from the braking distance of a P85. Thankfully, Jason Cammisa and Frank Markus of Motor Trend contacted me and we worked through their numbers. The critical piece of information which I left out in my first video is that the 0-60 time of 2.28 seconds excludes the time for 1 ft of rollout. In that first 0.26 seconds, the Tesla has already reached 5.9 mph before the clock has started ticking. This video explains rollout, and why it is used by all the major auto magazines.

The original Engineering Explained video called "How Tesla Hit 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds!" is included below.

Sources: Motor Trend, Car and Driver

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