Later this year, Moke America intends to introduce its eMoke electric vehicle to the US market, with the naming in reference/homage to the old British Mini Moke.

The electric version (there is apparently a gasoline option too) is equipped with a Chinese powertrain, and fits into the  lower speed NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) category rather than a highway rated/full street car; which means regional legal use (check your state's road laws before purchase).

The range of eMoke depends on batteries - an old school lead acid battery is offered that nets ~40 miles, while a lithium-ion battery is apparently good for 90 miles on a single charge.

Being classed as a NEV means the top speed is just 25 mph, enough for a beach runabout.

The eMoke costs $15,975 (or more with the li-ion pack equipped, but without info on the option that we can find on their website), and requires 50% down payment, which overall makes us wonder whether there will be many hand-raisers at all.

eMoke specs

eMoke specs


source: Moke America via Autoblog

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