Who's a venture capitalist, Tesla board member, Tesla insider and owner of the first Model S, second Model X and the the fifth Tesla Model 3?

None other than Steve Jurvetson.

Jurvetson was first to bring us video of the hidden Easter Eggs in the Model 3 and now he's first to post a quick demo of how the charge port flap operates on the 3.

Video description:

"A simple demo of how it opens and closes. For some reason, a lot of people have asked to see this. Enjoy!"

It operates as you'd expect, especially if you're familiar with the S and X.

We should note though that there's quite a bit of excess space under the flap. Perhaps for some future-proofing just in case a bigger connector is used at some point down the road.

Lastly, this video provides our first look at Tesla's new UMC, which appears smaller and maybe a bit lighter than the old UMC.

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