Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt

It's the electric car for the masses.

We've heard this quite a bit in connection to the Chevrolet Bolt, but most of those mentions were from mainstream media sites.

This particular review comes to us from a small local news outlet in Idaho called Idaho News.

Idaho isn't a hotbed for electric cars, but according to this reviewer, the Bolt is "finally an electric car real people can own." He goes on to say "It’s quick, fun-to-drive, quiet and surprisingly comfortable for such a small vehicle."

And concludes:

"To say I liked it is an understatement."

Most importantly though for residents of rural areas of Idaho is the Bolt's 238-mile range, which the reviewer says eliminates range anxiety entirely.

Other electric cars, like to Nissan LEAF, just don't work in rural Idaho where low temps can sap range and where the distance between charging stations can be farther than the vehicle can go.

"Electric cars like the Nissan Leaf ($31,545) and Kia Soul EV ($34,845) are great for people who don’t live in a cold climate or who drive less than 80 miles a day, which is about the max you’ll be able to drive either vehicle before range anxiety sets in."

"But the Bolt EV doesn’t have to compromise. Turn on the heat. Drive 100 miles. Feel free to “gun it” when you pass. And you’ll still make it home with plenty of charge."

Source: Idaho News

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