Courtesy of Imgur, we've now got a Tesla Model 3 configurator for realz.

Following the big Tesla Model 3 reveal, we expected Tesla to post a configurator to its website. That never happened, but now thanks to an upload on Imgur shortly after the event, we've got our first solid look at all of the currently available configuration details.

Tesla is opening its configurator to more and more reservation holders daily, but if you don't have a reservation and/or work at the company, or are farther down the priority line, you've probably yet to see what's offered in terms of configurations.

In the Imgur embed above (note: there are 18 images. Click the next arrow to cycle through them all, or click on any individual page to enlarge) you'll see there's "first production" and "coming soon" variants for the Model 3.

Other choices include long range battery, premium upgrades, paint color and wheels. the last selection you can make is for Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability.

This particular configurator shows a delivery date of September-November 2017, which likely implies this will be a Tesla employee build.

Go ahead and check out the configurator embedded above (or here at Imgur) to begin building your Model 3.

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