The first municipal fleet of Chevrolet Bolts is being deployed in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Called the Green Fleet, these Bolts will be put in use in the Department of General Services.

County officials say the Bolts will "save taxpayer dollars and protect the environment," according to 4YourState.

Quoting Calvin Jones from the Department of General Services:

"We've had some other electric vehicles. The significant difference between the Chevy Bolt, and the existing electric vehicles is the Chevy Bolt has a 200-mile range compared to a 70-mile range."

Montgomery County purchased a total of 16 Chevy Bolt for $600,000, which works out to $37,500 per Bolt. It seems the county paid basically full price for the Bolts, which is unusual given that its a fleet purchase, but at least the county will save on maintenance costs and "fuel" use over time.

Source: 4YourState

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