The high profile interior conversion might not to everyone's liking, but that doesn't mean that some won't still enjoy this overall custom TSportline Tesla Model S P100D.

For our money, the Black (with dark purple accents) modification option (video below) is a better fit.

Video description:

"T Sportline can take your Model S and turn it into a luxurious sporty mid-size sedan fitting of a vehicle that can achieve 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds."

Below is the extensive list of modifications to the vehicle featured in the video:


● 3M Crystalline tint 70% / 40% (front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, rear window)

Wheels & Suspension

● TS115 21” forged wheels 21x9.0” front 21x9.5” rear finished in Gloss Black. Approximately 27% lighter than Tesla factory 21” turbine staggered wheel set.

● Uses original Michelin PS2 245/35-21 265/35-21 factory tire set, original lug nuts, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps.


TSportline Interior

TSportline Interior

● Bespoke interior - 5 hides of Ferrari Rosso leather. Contrast black stitching.

● Signature Signature Quilted door inserts and seats.

● Gloss carbon fiber steering wheel with Ferrari Rosso leather sides and contrast black stitching

● Airbag cover dyed to match Ferrari Rosso leather

● Dyed speaker grilles to match Ferrari Rosso leather.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Seatbacks.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Dash Trim.

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