Learn Engineering has released its second educational video about electric cars.

Following up its first segment "How does an Electric Car work ?", it's time for "Electric cars vs Petrol cars" video comparison.

Video concerns:

  • petrol engine and electric motor powertrain differences
  • refueling and charging
  • fuel tank and battery (energy density)
  • engine and electric motor/battery cooling
  • weight, centre of gravity, safety
  • power dynamics, transmission
  • economics

Electric cars vs Petrol cars

Electric cars or internal combustion engine cars—which is better? Electric cars were in their heyday back in 1900, but a sudden rise in petrol engine cars, accompanied by battery technology inefficiencies killed electric cars by 1920. However, with recent improvements in battery technology and power electronics, electric cars have made a strong comeback. We will compare these totally different technologies scientifically, and come to understand which is superior. Here we are using Tesla model S as electric car to compare with its petrol engine car counter part.

KYLE.DRIVES, who participated in making the Learn Engineering's EV episodes, also released one more technical spot, focused on racing:

Electric vs. Combustion - Which Makes the Better Racecar?

Today we discuss a hot and controversial topic, electric vs petrol powered racecars, and which makes the ultimate racecars. This video was produced in conjunction with the Learn Engineering youtube channel.

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