Caterham is not current engaged in any electric car project that we know of, but its CEO Graham Macdonald sees two major trends (EVs and autonomous driving) as an opportunity for his company in the future:

“Every time someone talks about autonomous or electric cars,” he says, “I see it as an opportunity."

How about a proper E-Bike - <a href=Caterham Carbon E-bike" draggable="false">

How about a proper E-Bike - Caterham Carbon E-bike

Currently, and not exactly showing a prior keen-interest for the future, Caterham once again offers it 60-year old Seven sports car after a few years of production difficulties due to finances, and the folding of its engine and chassis suppliers.

Today, Caterham reportedly has more than 600 orders for Seven, which is more than the company is able to over a 12 month span.

It would be interesting whether Caterham will take an example from the Morgan Motor Company (see its Morgan EV3) at some point in the future and offer a Seven EV.

Otherwise enthusiasts will need to build their own electric Caterhams like this one from 10 years ago:

source: Autocar

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