Tesla Model 3 - Source: <a href=Business Insider" draggable="false">

Tesla Model 3 - Source: Business Insider

Sensible or sexy? Which is right for you?

The Business Insider has presented the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3 in a rather unique way. Pitching the Bolt as sensible and the Model 3 as sexy, Business Insider is trying to differentiate between the two cars, while at the same time making them each attractive for various reasons. Business Insider even included a couple of nifty graphics to present the case.

First up, the sensible Chevrolet Bolt. The advantages of the Bolt over the Model 3 are its hatchback design, which allows for large items to be loaded in the cargo hold and its high roofline, which provides ample headroom and  a feeling of spaciousness. It's also simpler than the Model 3, in that it includes normal door handles and less frills within. It's the sensible choice.

Business Insider writes of the Bolt:

"...an electric car that aims for practicality over sex appeal, while still serving up some tasty performance. Designer Stuart Norris and the South Korea-based studio made sure the Bolt was roomy inside and provided good cargo capacity."

"The Bolt looks much more like an everyday five-door hatchback."

But if you want sexy, then the Model 3 is probably the vehicle for you.

It sure is the head turner of the two, but there are some compromises. It's a sedan with a small trunk opening, which makes loading bulky items near impossible. It's complex with those fancy door handles and a massive central touchscreen. It's also a bit tight in the rear confines due to its sleek exterior design that cuts headroom.

Admittedly, we could still see some slight changes on the specs for the 3 (as we are still waiting on those despite the first "key hand-over party" happening on July 28th) but we don't expect anything to be too dramatically different from current expectation.

So, will it be sensible or sexy for you?

Source: Business Insider

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