A step in the right direction towards zero net energy.

In mid-May, the Fremont City Council voted to approve that new housing developments will be required to install solar panels and wiring for electric vehicle charging stations.

Home chariging EVSE

Home chariging EVSE

As East Bay Times explains:

"The size of the solar panel system mandated for both single-family and multifamily housing built in the city will be determined by the size of the homes on a sliding scale, up to 4,449 square feet. Homes 4,500 square feet or larger will be measured differently, though still subject to the requirements."

This could be a big boost for Tesla's solar division and perhaps even for its premium Solar Roof tile products. Fremont is Tesla's home town, though there's no requirement that builders go with Tesla products.

As for the wiring for EVSEs, the requirement is that new residential and commercial developments with parking spaces are “EV ready.” Basically, this means that they need to be pre-wired for future installations of EVSEs.

East Bay Times adds:

"...a single-family home with a two-car garage would in most cases need a large specialized outlet and a dedicated circuit in the garage so a resident can plug in an electric vehicle charger."

"For most new multifamily or commercial projects, the city is also requiring that 10 percent of the parking spaces come with a charging station installed.."

The goal for Fremont is to drive up electric car adoption, while at the same time driving down from-the-grid energy usage.

Source: East Bay Times

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