Easter Egg Reveals Rainbow Road

Easter Egg Reveals Rainbow Road

All your Tesla Easter eggs wrapped up in one nifty basket.

Sort of.

With just a few clicks/taps of the screen, you can now access all the available Tesla Easter eggs.

As Teslarati explains:

"Tesla rolled out a new over-the-air software update today (v8.1 build 17.17.4) which added new Autopilot 2.0 updates and a Tesla Easter Egg menu that provides one-touch access to all past easter eggs."

It's known as the Tesla Easter Egg Basket and it was first revealed via Tweet from Elon Musk just prior to Easter this year:

To access the Easter Egg Basket, follow this procedure (as outlined by Teslarati):

  • Tap the Tesla “T” located at the top of the touchscreen. A screen showing your vehicle’s info will appear.
  • Hold and drag this screen downwards to reveal a new Tesla Easter Egg menu screen.
  • Tapping on easter egg-specific icons will activate past easter eggs like the Tesla Sketch Pad, Model X Holiday Show (for Model X owners), Rainbow Road, and the entire collection of Tesla Easter Eggs.
Check out the Easter Egg Basket video how-to below:

Source: Teslarati

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