Though all three occupants suffered injuries, the outcome could've been much worse were it not for the heroic actions of the 23-year-old-son in the back seat of a Tesla.

The driver of the Tesla, a 55-year-old man, suffered a diabetic attack while driving the car on Highway 237 in California Saturday morning. Following the attack, the driver lost consciousness with his foot down on the accelerator pedal.

From the back seat, the driver's son unbuckled himself and sprang into action as the vehicle veered off onto an off-ramp. The son grabbed the steering wheel and turned the Tesla back onto the roadway at speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour. Up ahead lie a right curve in the road that couldn't be navigated at speed from the back seat, so the car "flew" off the road before coming to a rest in a nearby field.

California Highway Patrol reports that no other vehicles were involved in the wreckage.

Injuries for the three unidentified occupants were as follows:

  • Driver - broken back
  • Mother in passenger seat -┬ábroken left wrist and broken right ankle
  • Son in back seat -┬ábroken left arm and broken pelvis
Mercury News reports that "All three victims were transported to Regional Medical Center."

Their current conditions are unknown at this time, but had it not been for the immediate response from the son, it seems likely all three could've fared a far worse outcome, along with the possibility of other vehicles (and occupants of those vehicles) being involved in the incident.

Source: Mercury News

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