The Opel Ampera-e is one of the most awaited electric cars in Europe for 2017, and it seems that the majority of customers that placed orders will need to wait longer than originally anticipated.

Opel Ampera-e

Opel Ampera-e

Norwegian forum unleashed a rough discussion on the topic, and as it turns out,there could be a very limited amount of deliveries this year.

We've now heard rumors that only few hundred Ampera-es will be delivered this year, and the balance of current reservations (several thousand) will need to wait into 2018.

It's not clear why Norway (and in general Europe) would need to wait so long, as there is no such constraint on orders in the US for the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Whether it's related to the acquisition of Opel by PSA Group, or just the fact that GM has pre-set in stone a number of production vehicles to be built in 2017, we aren't sure.  We imagine Tesla CEO Elon Musk would believe it has more to do with CARB compliance than anything else.

Deliveries are confirmed to begin later this month, or early June, but the volume of deliveries through the 2017 are of concern.

Stein Pettersen, Opel Norway's PR guy, left this statement on the forum:


Knowing that there are many rumors about the delivery of Ampera-e - both at and in the various Ampera-e-groups on Facebook.

As often as otherwise fast speculation becomes truths - so it is okay with a little clarification.

As we have communicated all the time: The production of Ampera-e is allocated month by month - therefore, information about the delivery of the individual customer's car must be updated based on this.

Great demand has already led to a long delivery time, and unfortunately it can also cause customers to experience delivery beyond what has been planned. Unfortunately, we still can not provide exact delivery date for cars scheduled to be delivered in 2018, as soon as it is ready, of course, the dealer will inform customer.

In spite of what is claimed, there are many cars on their way to Norway right now, and we are still following the plan to begin delivery of the first customer cars in late May and early June.

All customers who have not already confirmed a delivery date will receive information from their dealer Friday this week.

Stein Pettersen PR Manager

Opel Norway"

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