Prior to the release of the specs for the Tesla Model 3, the Chevrolet Bolt was the leading electric car in terms of dollars-per-mile of range.

At $157.54 dollars-per-mile of electric range, the Bolt was leaps and bounds ahead of its next closest competitor, the Hyundai IONIQ Electric at $237.90.

But with the unveiling of the Model 3, including "soft" pricing info and range figures, we now see that the Bolt has some solid competition in the dollar-per-mile race.

In fact, the longer range version (310 miles) of the Model 3 has jumped to the #1 spot (see Bloomberg's chart below):

Price Per Mile - 310-Mile Model 3 Now #1 - <a href=Via Bloomberg" draggable="false">

Price Per Mile - 310-Mile Model 3 Now #1 - Via Bloomberg

At $141.94, the 310-mile Model 3 is now easily in the lead. Even the standard (220-mile) Model 3 is nipping at the heels of the Bolt. These three EVs are really all alone atop this chart and will be until perhaps the next-generation Nissan LEAF is fully unveiled and its spec are announced in early September.

Tesla has yet to disclose battery pack sizing for its two versions of the Model 3, so we can't do a price-per-kWh comparison that includes the 3, but we reckon it places well on that chart too.


Source: Bloomberg

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