Tesla Model 3 Interior - Here It Is!

Tesla Model 3 Interior - Here It Is!

The Tesla Model 3 has finally been delivered (full details/watch) and now comes the video proof from test riders after the event.

We gathered bunch of those - including a check in with Bjorn Nyland as he meets other YouTube/Tesla celebrities, hoping that soon we will see also full Model 3 test drive reviews.

The Model 3 is kind of a new species, given its pretty specific approach to interior design. From a credit card alike keyless system, through a central touchscreen and buttons on the steering wheel. All those things will need further research over longer term, upcoming reviews to really judge if they have merit.

Bjorn Nyland takes a Tesla Model 3 production car test ride, meets MKBHD (aka Marques Brownlee) who won Tesla's fan-made commercial competition

- for anyone who wants to check out we MKBHD's winning submission below, we have attached that video at bottom of article

Motor Trend's Extended Tesla Model 3 Test Drive

Trying the Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Delivery Event VIP Test Ride

Model 3 First Ride Look at UI for Adjusting Mirrors, Steering Position, Rear Camera and More!

The winning "Project Loveday", fan-made Tesla commercial entry:

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