The most anticipated car (of all time?) now has more than  half a million people lined up to buy it.

Tesla Model 3 Event

Tesla Model 3 Event

That's according to tesla CEO Elon Musk who told journalists on Friday that the Model 3 reservation tally had surged past 500,000 prior to the handing over of the first 30 cars at the event in Fremont.

Tesla won't be able to fill all of those reservations any time soon though. Tesla is now asking mostly employees with reservations to go ahead and order their Model 3s now. Later on down the road, Tesla will open the ordering process to more and more potential buyers.

Reuters states:

"Musk took to the stage driving a red Model 3, and said Tesla has produced 50 of the vehicles so far, including 20 for testing purposes."

50 is a long way from 500,000 and even Musk acknowledges that fulfilling all of those potential order will be "quite a challenge."

Musk added:

"We're going to go through at least six months of manufacturing hell."

Let's hope Tesla returns from this hell with the ability to crank out vehicles at a rate comparable to or higher than even the world's most established, long-standing automakers.

Source: Reuters

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