The folks over at more mainstream-oriented CarBuzz put together an "unboxing" video from the site's recent 2017 Chevrolet Bolt test drive review.

*Also, one can read the written version of the review here

The highly descriptive video notes, as well as complete video timestamps, are posted below, but the condensed form of CarBuzz's take on the 2017 Bolt can be summed up with just a few words. Here goes:

The Bolt is not a looker, but it's better than any EV out there for say less than $50,000.

Editor's note:  We do have to mention the reviewer is clearly not intimately familiar with plug-in vehicles, as he mistakenly states that the L2/240v charging costs $750 and is the fastest way to charge the car in about 9-10 hours (as we know - all L2 charging abilities are standard with today's EVs, and its the DC fast charging option that is $750, and returns up to 90 miles of range in 30 minutes, with a full charge in under 2 hours).  Still, it is nice to see a traditional automotive reviewer get excited about a less expensive all-electric car not named Tesla.

Video/review description from CarBuzz:

For today's unboxing review we have for you the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. It's affordable ($29,995 base price including federal tax credits) and has an EPA-estimated driving range of 238 miles. Charging its lithium-ion battery takes at most 9 hours, but you can buy an optional $750 charging unit to increase decrease that time.

Step inside and you'll find a futuristic interior complete with a 10.2-inch touchscreen and an 8-inch digital instrument cluster screen. Other features include standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability plus 4G LTE WiFi.

The exterior design, however, isn't exactly sexy. Put another way, a Tesla Model S (and the upcoming Model 3) look world's better. But still, we think the Bolt is more attractive inside and out than the Nissan Leaf. That's not exactly a hard thing to accomplish. We also liked how the Bolt can easily function as a daily driver with plenty of usable cargo space (56 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat) and 10 airbags standard. Along with high-tech features like Regenerative Braking on Demand and One-Pedal Driving, it's apparent that Chevrolet invested a lot of money and time in the Bolt's development, but the big question is whether or not it'll become a sales success. We think it will, but only time and numbers will tell. In the meantime, enjoy the review!

*Timestamps* Introduction: 0:10 Trims: 0:50 Exterior: 1:20 Standard features: 2:50 Engine/Battery: 3:10 Interior: 3:25 Rear seat: 3:55 Dashboard: 4:20 Additional features: 4:50 Driver's info screen: 5:25 Driving range: 5:40 High-tech features: 6:20 Cargo space: 6:55 Pricing: 7:25 What's the competition?: 8:10 What do I like: 8:25 Don't like: 8:30

Conclusion: 8:40

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