Things are moving fast for the all-electric CUV.

Tesla fans know that the company's post-Roadster line-up was once thought of as a S.E.X.Y kind of thing. The Model S and Model X have arrived, the upcoming Model 3 was once called the Model E (until Ford changed that plan), and then there is the mysterious Model Y compact SUV (imagined render above). Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed this vehicle, but we learned a few more details about it in the first quarter earnings conference call yesterday. Here's what's new.

The Model Y is likely to arrive "sometime in 2020" or "aspirationally" in late 2019. If Tesla can manage this, then Musk said he thinks that his little car company that could will get to a million units a year. "Maybe more," he said. Musk has previously said that he expects demand for the Model Y to be between 500,000 and 1 million units a year, once things are up and running.

The Model Y will be on a different platform than the Model 3. Musk said that the car will be quite different, inside, in part because Tesla is learning how to make cars more efficiently. "The wiring harness on Model S is about 3 kilometers in length," he said. "The wire harness on Model 3 is 1.5 kilometers in length. The wiring harness on Model Y will be 100 meters. And that's a redundant wiring harness."

The advances Tesla is making at its vehicle production lines with the Model 3 will take another huge step with the Y.

"Where things will really be a step change I think, beyond any other auto manufacturer, will be the Model Y factory," Musk said. "This is all a function of designing the product to be easy to manufacture, and easy to automate;as well as designing the factory itself. So model wise, I think we are really the common step change, but the Model 3 is going to be at, or probably slightly better than,  I think the next best automotive production in the world. I just think that's pretty good outcome,  and then the Model Y will be ... there will be nothing close to it, I think."

Does that all sound kind of sexy to you?

Source: Tesla conference call

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