Jason Hughes, also known as @wk057/Twitter, has released another update on his Tesla Model S P85 project, which after a software update and getting the 'yellow treatment' was turned in the quickest RWD Tesla yet - called P90++.

The car is only rear-wheel drive but was altered from a P85 to the 90 kWh upgrade w/Ludicrous pack, and achieves the modified/improved result via convincing the software there is also a front motor operating in the vehicle to up the output in the rear.

"Did some dyno testing of my modified Tesla Model S P85 (RWD). We've dubbed it the P90++ (with an underline for Ludicrous mode)."

In result on the dyno P90++ got:

  • 553 RWHP
  • 480 ft/lbs RWTQ
As a refresher, the standard Model S P85 RWD puts out 420 hp and 443 ft/lbs of torque.

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