The day has finally arrived!  The first deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 are happening today in Fremont, California, as the company is set to transfer some keys tonight just before 9PM Pacific Time (12:00 AM ET).

Watch (above):  Event is on loop re-broadcast

Update:  Full Tesla Model 3 specs/wrap story, including details on a range of up to 310 miles and pricing/other option details can be found here.

The event opens its doors to the would-be first Model 3 owners and VIP guests at 7 PM PT (10PM ET), of which InsideEVs is one, and the livestream starts here at around ~8:45 PM PT (11:45 PM PT) with CEO Elon Musk taking the stage.

Before the presentation kicks off, we will be live-reporting from the event on all the happenings from around 7PM (PT).

So keep checking back in for the latest scoop!

We also anticipate an opportunity to take the Model 3 for a quick spin after the delivery ceremony.

Of which, our reporters will have some early impressions and footage of that available shortly after the live show closes.

On the stage!

On the stage!

Live Updates:

9:00 PM PT:  Our own Bria Loveday, announces the top 3 fan-made videos from stage...announcing Marques Brownlee's entry as the winner!

Bria Loveday announces

Bria Loveday announces "Project Loveday" from the stage!

8:50 PM PT:  Live-stream is,  Hope you have enjoyed our pre-show coverage!

8:44 PM PT:  No, show has not started.  What you expected Tesla to kick off on time?  (will have live-stream up as soon as its available)

Almost. Almost. Wait for it...

Almost. Almost. Wait for it...

8:12 PM PT: Another look at the cars...because that is why we are here right?

First 30 deliveries about to happen....only another 400,000 or so left

First 30 deliveries about to happen....only another 400,000 or so left


8:04 PM PT: No time like the present to get the stage ready to go!

Prep work ongoing!

Prep work ongoing!

7:59 PM PT: A little refreshment before the show?

...and the lady will have a water

...and the lady will have a water

7:50 PM PT:  Inside the event, lots of action still preparing, but definitely a "whack" of Model 3s just hanging out everywhere!

Appears to be a few Model 3 in the area!

Appears to be a few Model 3 in the area!

7:49 PM PT:  Lots of action!

tesla model 3 event staging
Seems like the number 3 is popular tonight!

Seems like the number 3 is popular tonight!

7:27 PM PT: Bear with us, still doing the check-in dance.  You get in...then you have to "get in", and on the shuttle, etc.

"Feel the excitement...of signage!"

7:05 PM PT:  Event is opening to guests.  And clearly there is 30+ (maybe 40) Model 3s in the area and a staging area for test drives later!

6:34 PM PT:  Elon Musk has taken to twitter to announce the Project Loveday, a competition proposed to the Tesla CEO by 10 year-old Bria Loveday (yes, that is daughter of InsideEVs' own Steven Loveday), saying:

"Couldn't believe how incredibly inspiring and creative they were!!"

Perhaps not surprisingly, Internet/YouTube star Marques Brownlee, got the most votes and finished first. Although Musk was quick to point out MKBHD's 5 million odd followers didn't get him an unfair win.

"Watched them personally to make sure & I agree with the outcome. Wouldn't have judged differently. Amazing videos all, but was best."

The three videos will be featured during the webcast.  Check out all 10 finalists at bottom of story.

Here is the winning submission:

2nd place:

3rd place:


Here are the top 10 finalists for your review:

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