Some of the latest big news is the materials-recycling spinoff.

TeslaMondo already covered this in December. Remember? JB Straubel identified a big opportunity in battery recycling, and Musk saw a big opportunity in brain/computer interface. Musk’s idea came to fruition with Neuralink. Looks like JB’s idea has moved into the on-deck circle.

Quoth Straubel: “There’s a new industry that’s yet to be created, which is really a re-processing industry for all of the energy storage devices, all of the batteries that are going into e-mobility. To re-process them and refine them back into new refurbished batteries.”

Additional note: CB Insights highlighted this recycling project. Here's what they uncovered:

"The CB Insights Cruncher has captured a recent SEC filing that points to a new advanced materials recycling and manufacturing initiative called Redwood Materials, with ties to Tesla. The filing does not explicitly link the Redwood City, California-based initiative to Tesla, but lists JB Straubel (Tesla’s CTO) and Andrew Stevenson (Tesla’s head of Special Projects) as executive officers. The document also notes a $2M investment into the company from a single undisclosed investor, with a date of April 17, 2017."

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