Tritium Veefil fast charger

Tritium Veefil fast charger

Queensland in Australia soon will get an electric vehicle Super Highway, which enable zero emission driving through 1,800-km (1,118-mile) of its east coast, alongside the Great Barrier Reef.

The major hardware supplier for the project is Tritium (Veefil fast chargers), supplemented by Schneider Electric (EVlink fast chargers).

At first, the network will be free to use, in order to better hook encourage EV drivers, and leverage the market.

The first phase of the highway includes some 18 city stops, and is expected to be ready within six months.

As best we can tell, the network will consist solely of 50 kW DC fast chargers, separately Tritium announced three upcoming products that will be introduced within a year:

  • Veefil-PK: an ultra-fast, high powered charger up to 475kW
  • Veefil-WP: a DC charger for work places, fleets and high-density living
  • Veefil-ME: an innovative 12kW Bi-directional DC home charger
source: Reuters

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