BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance

BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance

BMW sold over 7,000 plug-in electric vehicles in September, which was one of the highest results in the industry for the month

More significantly, the figure was more than 3.5% of global BMW car sales!  A high among its major OEM peers.

Interestingly, this month the German manufacturer didn't share separate data between its dedicated models (under the BMW i brand) or its plug-in hybrid versions of conventional cars (under the BMW iPerformance brand), a bit of a switch from the norm.

But what we can tell you is that cumulative sales of more than 40,000 have now been registered in the first nine months of this year.

Traditionally, the BMW i3 accounts for about half the plug-in sales for the brand, so we assume after selling almost 3,000 copies in August, the i3 (now arriving with a much improved/longer range 33 kWh battery upgrade) accomplished at least that feat again in September, if not more.

BMW has a "Captain Obvious" moment and noted that the plug-in car sales trend "clearly increasing".

Separately, the company added another electrified option in September.  With the introduction of the next generation of 5 Series, the model features the plug-in 530e iPerformance (details), which will arrive to further help sales in March.

When on the market, the 530e will further extend BMW's lead over the rest of the market when it comes to number of different models available - bringing that total to seven.  (i3, i8, 225xe Active Tourer, 330e, 530e, 740e and the X5 40e)

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