The Los Angeles Police Department after acquiring fleet of 100 BMW i3 (BEVs), is now also about to live test a Tesla Model S in the fleet as well as BMW i8.  (We wonder how much seniority is required for an officer to get that gig?)

It would seem that law enforcement has a bit of a weak spot for the premium brands, but the official talking points say that the recently added plug-ins will have a 15% lower total cost of operating over the outgoing ones.  Imagine if they drove LEAFs or Spark EVs?

Recently, a Tesla Model S has been put on the schedule for active police patrol duty - citing the need for faster acceleration and more range.

Currently the i3s are being used for more administrative assignments, travelling to and from crime scenes in an investigatory capacity.

However we are still not sure whether even a superb test result will encourage the LAPD to purchase such an expensive police car, as such buys are high profile and sometimes seen as a bad use of taxpayer's dollars.

"Once fitted with radios, a computer, custody cage, locking shotgun rack, and other equipment, the Tesla will be put to the test in the field by an on-duty patrol sergeant, who will be driving to emergencies and possibly even taking part in pursuits"

The key answer here will be rather, whether range and performance of EVs enables to replacement of ICE vehicles today, or if we just need a little bit more time to wait for more affordable perhaps a Tesla Model 3?


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