<em>This would be a good visualization of how not to operate your Tesla when Autopilot is engaged</em>

This would be a good visualization of how not to operate your Tesla when Autopilot is engaged

The German government is now in the process of issuing warning letters to Tesla owners.

The letters are intended to warn Tesla owners of the limitations of Autopilot. According to Automotive News, the letters basically state that driver should pay attention at all times and that Autopilot is merely a driver assist feature and it's not autonomous by any stretch of the definition.

Update:  Letter translated to English (via mobilegeeks) is attached below.

Hands should be kept on the wheel at all time and the driver should be (actually is required to be, by law) fully alert and attentive to his of her surroundings.

Tesla likely won't be happy with the issuing of this letter, but we've seen time and time again that Autopilot has faults, so all Model S and X drivers, not just those in Germany, should really follow the guidelines laid out above.

For the record, Tesla says that Autopilot is an assistance system at this point in time and notes that drivers need to pay attention to the actions of the vehicle while in Autopilot mode.

Letter sent to Tesla owners (translated to English)

"Dear Mrs/Mr...,

According to current documents you are the holder of a vehicle of , . If the factory offered assistance system "Autopilot" is built in your car, and against the background of the noticeable discussion recently in the public to this assistance system which prompts you to point out the following:

The so-called "autopilot installed in your vehicle," is a pure driver assistance system, not a highly automated vehicle, that can be operated without constant attention of the driver.

The use of this system in your vehicle at any time of its operation requires the constant and full attention of the user in terms of immediately ruling traffic to comply with the legislation on road transport (particularly road traffic regulations).

Please note also the behavior stated in the operating instructions of the manufacturer for this purpose. In particular this concerns there in the chapter of "Assistance" mentioning "limitations", which describe the system boundaries, as well as the corresponding warnings.

The following operation in this context: "It is whether the driver to remain attentive to drive safely and to keep control of the vehicle at any time."

If you're no longer holders of the above vehicle, please announce the name and the address of the new owner or the whereabouts of the vehicle to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Please use the E-mail address specified in the letter.

Sincerely yours"


Source: Automotive News, MobileGeeks

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